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Terms & Conditions:

# Astrologer will send an e-mail to the member who has made payment for the service.  Member can take
   this e-mail as an acknowledgement of the payment made.
# Member has to send his/her 3 questions in reply to the acknowledged e-mail.
# Astrologer will provide answers only to the 3 questions along with the applicable remedies.
# Members are requested to note down the answers while they are being said by the astrologer
   over the phone.
# The answers of the 3 questions will not be sent through an e-mail.
# Members have to call astrologer within the specified time if they are located outside India.
# Please note that the paid amount is only for one horoscope...the questions should pertain to only one particular horoscope.

Astrology is an occult science depends on the planets and their placements at the time of birth of a native.
Accurate predictions are possible when a native provides exact birth date, year, and month, birth time (including seconds) and place of birth only.
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