Detailed analysis

Sailent Features

* New members would receive predictions not later than two weeks from the time of raising the query to
* All the predictions will be made manually but not through computer software in order to maintain accuracy in reading the horoscope and meticulous in inferring the results.

# Get the detailed future predictions for 4 years from now.
# Predictions will include the required remedies that the person should follow. 
# Directions will be given to the person about deeds which are good and not good to do in a life time.
# Astrologer will speak directly to the person over the phone in a convenient time given/agreed by both.
# Pick up the information like  lucky name, lucky numbers, lucky colors and lucky stones as and when required.

Terms & Conditions: 
# The amount Rs.2,999/- for Instant services is for one time services only. Members are requested to
   utilize the appointment with astrologer, to get clarified all the doubts of predictions given.
# Astrologer is not responsible to send the predictions through e-mail.
# Members have to note down all the predictions while the same being said by astrologer over the phone.
# Members are requested to prepare all the questions before they call astrologer. This will save the time
   of both astrologer and caller as well.
# Computer generated horoscope can be sent through post to the member within India only upon request.
# Members must call astrologer within the said time. The time will be sent by astrologer in an e-mail to the member.
# Members are requested to provide their mobile number and email in the payment form which are in use of member.
# Members have to call astrologer in the specified time if they are located outside India.

Astrology is an occult science depends on the planets and their placements at the time of birth of a native.
Accurate predictions are possible when a native provides exact birth date, year, and month, birth time (including seconds) and place of birth only.
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