About Vakkantham Chandramouli

About Vakkantham Chandra Mouli

          My name is Vakkantham Chandra Mouli, and welcome to the fascinating science of        Astrology.

         It took a few years for me to recognize Astrology as science as I started getting into it with      doubts as agnosticism. Initially I thought it was only an Art but eventually I have seen truth in     it and hence understood it as Science. You may ask me what my understanding on Art and      Science is.

          Science is the art of knowing and Art is the science of feeling. Science can be learned but        art is innate by birth. By divine grace, I am gifted with the art of knowing people, their             karmic aura, reasons for their pains and gains. I then developed the same by learning the science of Astrology.


In the process of learning first I started applying the science on my horoscope and life. I wondered how truthful this science is. Then I read the horoscopes of my friends’ friends whose personal lives and experiences are unknown to me. When they wondered for my readings, I understood that I can be helpful for many in this world. The credit goes to Astrology and the divine power that’s driving me.

Over the years I have had occasion to delve deep into various systems of Vedic Astrology and Vaastu. My interest in these sciences has opened new dimensions in my understanding of the human psyche and has ultimately brought about synthesis of discoveries of modern Science and ancient area of human wisdom. I have derived a few postulates those help predict Vaastu problems in native’s house, just by reading his horoscope.

With my knowledge of the various aspects that are involved in Indian astrology I have been the source for solution for many people those had been suffering and also found themselves in panic in many situations. I have been a compass for them showing right path to life and attain peace. My astro-directions have made dull students bright, my astro-remedies have made dyeing people extend their lives and my predictions have made many lives happier.

It should be underlined that the astrology was developed by rishis with their clairvoyance when there was no telescope, no space craft and no tools to peep into universe. But after Galileo's discovery of telescope, scientists have almost seen the same 9 planets those were seen by rishis centuries ago.

My astro articles and predictions have seen light in many websites, magazines and also on TV.

I was also the recipient of prestigious 'Young Talented Astrologer for 2007 by Madras Telugu Academy'.

I have started my journey with zee tv , the first live program on astrology in a telugu satellitechannel with the title ‘Sreekaram Subhakaram’ that turned the heads of many channels those started. 

similar programs eventually. The journey has continued with number one telugu entertainmentcommercial channel Gemini and completed more than one and half year successfully with increasing viewership day by day and the program name Subha Lagnam has become one of the part in everytelugu astrology followers lives. The program has mainly focused not only in the areas of astrology,numerology, vaastu, but also in recovering and spreading the importance of our culture and customswith complete scientific justification that today’s new generations also should accept and understandthe values of our way of life. 

Now, my dialy program sreekaram subhakaram is continuing in Zee telugu at 8.00 am about zodiacpredictions along with many useful topics about numerology, astrology, vaastu to a common man.