Sunsigns and Moonsigns

Difference between Sun Sign and Moon Sign

Sun Sign: It is also known as the zodiac sign, it simply tells us about the position of the Sun in a particular zodiac sign at the time of one’s birth. The Sun can be in any of the 12 zodiac signs varying from Aries to Pisces, which in the astrology’s world, dictate about one’s overall generic personality. Your sun sign can throw a plenty of light on both the positive and negative traits related to your personality.

Every zodiac sign has a particular ruling plant which guides and influences the personality of a person born under it. Primarily, one’s sun sign dictates what an individual wants or desires out of his or her life and determines the specific set of qualities that one needs to inherit in order to fulfill those wants. 


Moon Sign: Moon sign, on the other hand, represents the position of the Moon at the time of one’s birth. Unlike the Sun, the Moon moves steadily and visits all the Zodiacs within 1 month taking approximately about two to two-and-a-half days per zodiac sign. According to the astrological universe, the Moon Sign is personal and reflects influence on an individual’s personality, emotions, and inner-self, unlike the sun sign, which seeks to tell about what the world already knows about an individual. This part of one’s personality is often unknown to others as it reflects our deepest desires, thoughts and fears. To put simply, one’s lunar sign is the gateway to one’s subconscious mind, emotions, and the voice that resonates inside one’s head.

Fundamental Difference between Sun Sign and Moon Sign:

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