Vastu: Independent House (Existing)

Vastu: Independent house (existing)

‘Vastu’ is a Sanskrit word that literally means “a living place or house with a corresponding piece of land”, whereas the term ‘Shastra’ is referred to as "a doctrine or teaching". Hence, Vastushastras are ancient Indian manuals which integrate architecture with the nature and ancient beliefs. For a house to become a home, it needs to emit the right kind of energy. A person living in any house comes under the influence of a specific energy field present at that place which affects him/her in a certain way. Therefore, it becomes vital to understand the link between one’s house energy and the healing art of Vastu in order to generate good vibes & positivity.

Salient Features:

  • The system of Vastu is the combination of Art, Science, Astronomy, and Astrology. While Astrology tells us information about out our past, present and future; Vastu shows direction to live peacefully at a certain place.
  • We at provide this service at the basic below mentioned fee, where one can send us the  blueprint/drawings/layouts/photos of their existing  house over the mail, after successfully completing one-time registration on our website.
  • After doing the deep analysis of the sent layout of the house we will discuss the appropriate changes over the call within 1-2 week from the date of payment. The new Vastu compliant designs as informed over the call by us can be noted down by the client. The final design after appropriate modifications can be re-verified with us, so at last, positive energy can be radiated from your house.
  • In case, if there or  any  defects in the house , then the consultant will  explain and make you understand the pros and cons of that particular defects and its effects on your life. In extreme cases, he will also try to provide possible suitable remedies that can be performed by you to neutralize the impact of that particular ‘Dosha’.


  • The fee for Vastu varies with the kind of service one wants from the Vastu Consultant. Like, before constructing the new house, if one wants the Consultant to visit the site of construction (which can be throughout India), the amount will vary accordingly, as the Consultant will have to bear the transportation cost, and invest more time & energy.
  • Hence, the below mentioned price is just for providing the basic service of telling the Vastu compliant modifications in the existing house layouts.
  • If one wants the service for any new project till the time of its complete construction which includes, basic Vastu consultancy, civil construction, Interior work, etc. can contact us over the mail.
  • International clients can also contact us over the mail to get information about Vastu compliant designs and layouts for their house/flats.
  • For further information, you can mail us at


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